L'ORÉAL Infaillible Blush Paint Palette in The Ambers

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

To me blush is one of the most important things if it comes to makeup. It just adds a hint of color to the face and completes the whole look! L'ORÉAL just stepped up their game with the Infaillable Blush Paint Palette. This is their first blush palette and it's available in two types. You can choose between pinkish tones and amber tones. Both palettes include five shades, matte and shimmery colors. 

The packaging is quite basic, but perfect for traveling! You have nearly every blush color you will need and it's perfect for any occasion. Each shade is extremely pigmented, long lasting and smooth. They will glide on easily without any fallout, or harsh lines. You can even mix and match all shades and create even more shades! 

Miami Sunrise is a light peachy color with a matte finish
Coral Bay is a light coral color with a matte finish
Peach Fling is a pinkish peach color with a shimmery finish
Amber Love is a bronzy peach color with a satin finish
Indian Cruise is an orangy color with a satin finish

The L'ORÉAL Infaillible Blush Paint Palette is really great! I can recommend it to everyone! If you are not into amber shades you can try the other palette with more pinkish tones. Have you already seen this palette at store?

Pro                                                                          Contra
- Affordable                                                          - Nothing
- Packaging
- Variety of shades
- Long lasting
- Pigmented


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1 Comment/s

  1. I LOVE the shades, and the overall packaging has really caught my eye too! I'm definitely going to check this out in further detail! x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx


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