Maybelline Master Camo Palette in Light

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lately I am really into concealer palettes. That's why I was very excited about the new Maybelline master camo palette. It comes in two shades and each palette contains six products. Two correction shades, two concealer shades and two highlighting colors. It should cover dark circles, imperfections, redness and smaller veins.

Each product is extremely creamy and blendable with a matte and powdery finish. The two correction shades will neutralize small veins and redness. Both concealer will cover imperfections and the two highlighting colors will set highlights to the high points on your face. 
The corrector shades nor the two concealer are able to cover my under eye circles fully. I really miss a pinkish or purple shade in this palette. Both highlighting colors look great once blended and they are very shimmery. 

Both palettes should match most skin tones. The pigmentation of each product is great. I like that all products are blendable and apply smoothly. They are also smudge proof and long lasting. It's basically everything you need in one palette. The only downside is the coverage.

 Pro                                                                       Contra
- Blendable                                                       - Coverage
- Long lasting
- 3 products in one palette
- Matte finish
- Apply smoothly

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