PeriPera Peris Water Cushion in Light Vanilla

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I saw this cushion back in 2015 in HongKong. Or it was the same brand at least. I can still remember the cute design and I still regret that I haven't bought it. However, I saw it online and just had to get it this time. The Peris Water Cushion by PeriPera is supposed to moisturize your skin all day long and your skin should look more radiant and healthy. Since winter is around the corner I need to protect my skin from the cold weather. It should also calm irritated skin because it contains centella extract and tea tree essence.

I think everyone can agree with me that the packaging is adorable! PeriPera is known for its cute packaging and this one is just over the top. The cushion applies smoothly without looking patchy. However, it's a little bit hard to reach the nose area around the nostrils. Unfortunately it isn't that oil controlling. I think because of the moisturizing ingredients it might not be suitable for people with oily skin. Despite from that the Peris Water Cushion is quite nice. It will last all day long and looks very natural. Also, it won't cover up redness and imperfections very well.  

Overall I can recommend the PeriPera cushion to people with dry and dull looking skin without a lot of imperfections. It will apply smoothly and lasts all day long. However, the coverage isn't the best and it won't be suitable if you have very oily skin as well.

Pro                                                                  Contra
- Packaging                                             - Average oil control
- Application                                          - Coverage  
- Moisturizing
- Long lasting

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  1. I love the cushion foundation packs! Yes, moisturizing foundation are too nourishing for oily skin and result too shiny and oily :(
    I had the same prblem with Maybelline Satin foundation...


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