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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In the past I've always bought my glasses online because they are pretty expensive in my country. Recently reached out to me to try one of their products. You can choose between over 100 kinds of frames on their site. I like that you can choose between fashion glasses and prescription glasses. They also offer prescription sunglasses. If you only like the frame you are free to buy it without any lens. 

It took quite some time until my glasses arrived. If you need your glasses fast you might go to your local optometrist. However, if you are looking for a second pair of glasses you might go to their site. The quality of my pair of glasses is amazing, although it is a little bit heavy and maybe too big for my head. However, I still really like it because of the way it feels and look. It's also very comfortable to look through them and they won't give me headache.

The pair of glasses I've received are high quality and look quite pricey. I also can see well if I wear them. If you are looking for a new pair of glasses you should go over to their site. However, the shipping will take quite some time and you can't try them on. If you want to try their service you can get 50% off on your first order with the code GSHOT50

Pro                                                                                     Contra
- High quality                                                                 - Shipping time
- Affordable                                                                    - Can't try them on                                                          
- Can see well 

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