TonyMoly Cheektone Highlighter & Contour Duo

Sunday, July 31, 2016

I am so in love with highlighting and contouring these days, but I usually only use powders because it has to look somewhat natural. Also, my face shape is more on the round side and I feel more confident if I contour. However, it's hard to find a cool toned and affordable contour shade. TonyMoly just released a cheektone highlighter duo and two contour duo shades. I have the contour duo only in CT02 for yellow and warm skin tones. Both products are supposed to be long lasting. The highlighter contains pearl particles for a naturally sparkling effect. The cheektone contour duo should provide vivid coloring in combination with two delicate shades for a natural look. 

The packaging is quite simple. Both products look like eyeshadows on the first gaze. The pan size is quite small and it's impossible to use both shades individually. I just mix them up and apply them to my face. I am also not sure if you're supposed to use them individually. The highlighter and contour duo apply so smoothly without any harsh lines. They are very blendable without any fallout and the pigmentation is fantastic. Both products are long lasting and sweat proof. They also won't smudge nor smear during the day.

Contour Duo is a neutral brown color with a matte finish
Highlighter Duo is a light beige color with a frosty finish

If you love contouring you should definitelly check these products out. They will give you a natural and healthy look that will last the whole day! The TonyMoly cheektone duos are also smudge proof and the pigmentation is fantastic. Even beginners are able to use them because the contour shade blends easily and there won't be any harsh lines. The highlighter isn't too overwhelming, but still present and the color is perfect for a lot of skin tones. However, the pan size of each product is way too small to use both shades separately. 

Pro                                                   Contra
- Performance                          - Packaging
- Blendable
- No fallout
- Smudge proof
- Suitable for beginners

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