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Friday, July 22, 2016

I've wanted to try the Max Factor Lipfinity lipsticks for such a long time. I love liquid lipsticks, but some aren't that great. However, I really like this brand and wanted to give their liquid lipsticks a try. I've decided to buy two colors because both are so pretty. You can choose between 21 shades in total. MaxFactor claims that these lipsticks will last up to 24 hours and they should apply evenly. Their liquid lipsticks also come with a top coat that should be moisturizing and add extra shine.

I am not a big fan of the packaging. Maybe I am just used to Korean packaging and that's why. However, the applicator is really nice! It feels so soft on my lips. Overall both shades apply smoothly and evenly. They aren't extremely drying, but if you have dry lips the lip balm will come in handy. The lip balm designed for this product isn't my favorite. It feels very slippery and isn't that hydrating. I've noticed something strange about the time both lipsticks will actually last. The dark one will last nearly the whole day without flaking. In contrast, the light shade won't last nearly that long. The color will fade easily and it's gone after 1 - 2 hours. Both shades are fully transfer proof!

Forever Precious is a light pink color with a pearly finish
Caffeinated is a medium brown color with a matte finish

Overall I am very happy with the lipfinity lipsticks. I like that you can choose between a variety of shades and finishes. These lipsticks will apply evenly and won't feel overly drying. The dark shade will last a lot longer than the light shade. Maybe it's because of the different finish. I am not happy with the lip balm. In my opinion you can apply any lip balm and use it like a top coat. Just make sure that the lipstick is fully dry!

Pro                                                           Contra
- Variety of shades                        - Packaging
- Not overly drying                       - Lip balm
- Apply evenly                                  - Lasting power depends on shade
- Soft applicator
- Texture
- Performance 
- Long lasting (matte shade)

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  1. These look amazing, especially that dark brown color!,


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