Holika Holika Naked Face Balancing Primer

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Holika Holika is one of my favorite Korean makeup brands! Their products just work perfectly on me and the naked face balancing primer does as well. This primer is supposed to be a color correcting product. It combines yellow, purple and green pigments in one product. Besides that the primer should be oil controlling and helps your makeup to last longer.

The packaging looks so luxurious! It's made out of plastic and comes with a pump nozzle. I really like the golden details and the fact that it's see through. You can see all the little colored bubbles on the inside. It's way too pretty to  be used. However, the product will apply smoothly and won't leave any sticky feeling behind. This primer really evens out my skin tone! I love that my makeup will last longer and my skin looks flawless. Sometimes I like to wear this primer by itself and it really helps my skin to look great. I've also noticed that I will look less shiny during the day and it didn't cause any breakouts.

I really love this primer. It's color correcting and my skin will look flawless with and without foundation. I also like that on lazy days this product will look great by itself. If I apply foundation on top it will last longer and I look less shiny during the day.

Pro                                                                            Contra
- Color Correcting                                                     - /
- Packaging
- Makeup will last all day long
- Oil controlling
- Will look great by itself as well

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