Catrice Deluxe Glow Highlight in 010 The Glowrious Three

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Catrice just launched new products. The deluxe glow highlighter is one of them and permanently in their product line. This palette combines three shades to highlight the face. Since strobing is a new trend a lot of brands came out with palettes like that. Each shade contains light-reflecting pearls, vitamin e and jojoba oil for a luxurious glow. This palette is supposed to give you an overall glow, but you can also use it to illuminate certain areas on your face. 

The packaging is made out of plastic and it seems to be sturdy enough to travel with. The pan size is big enough even for a large makeup brush. You can find directions on how to use this product on the back. This palette should be suitable for any skin tone because it combines very light and dark highlighting shades. However, if you are very pale you can't really use the dark shade. These highlighters aren't that pigmented, but they blend nicely and are quite long lasting. All shades may have some fallout, but they are very pretty.

Bronze is an orangy bronze color with golden micro glitter
Champagne is a light beige color with silver micro glitter
Rose is a golden beige color with golden micro glitter

This product is nice for a simple every day look. However, this product isn't that great for highlighting in general. These shades aren't typical highlighter shades and if you love to wear a full face of makeup, like I do, you might give this product a miss. I feel that this highlighter palette would be only nice for beginners and people that don't wear a lot of makeup. I mean the shades are nice, but I would prefer to use them on my eyes and not on my face. Overall these shadows are blendable and will last for quite some time. If you only wear simple makeup you can give this palette a go.

Pro                                                       Contra
- Packaging                                      - Some fallout
- Blendable                                      - Not typical highlighter shades
- Kinda long lasting                     - Pigmentation
- Nice for beginners
- For simple makeup

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