L'ORÉAL Indefectible Sculpt Contouring Base Makeup & Palette - Review and Swatches

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

L'ORÈAL just came out with their new contour line. After I've swatched the sculpt contouring base makeup and the contouring palette I couldn't resist! Both products are only available in three shades. You can choose between light, medium and dark. I think that the foundation should be available in more shades! 

The foundation is supposed to provide light coverage and the 'smart pigments' should match any skin color. It should be specially designed to use before contouring. Your skin should look flawless and fuse with the contour for a long lasting effect without looking cakey. The contouring palette comes with a highlighter and a shading powder. The cream-to-powder technology should be blendable and easy to apply. The lighter shade is supposed to highlight the high-points of your face and the shading color will create the illusion of shadow.

The foundation is very blendable and it provides medium coverage with a matte finish. It looks quite powdery on the face and I really like that. However this foundation feels quite heavy on the face. It will last for around 8 hours before I start looking shiny and I have very oily skin. The shade matches my skin tone nearly perfectly, but it might be too dark for people with very fair skin. The sculpt contouring palette is nearly perfect! The packaging isn't my favorite, but the performance of this product is great! I love that both shades have a matte finish. They will blend perfectly and will last for around 8 hours. Both shadows won't smudge nor look cakey during the day.

I am extremely happy with both products! The base makeup will blend perfectly and gives me a flawless and natural look. I love that this foundation has a matte and powdery finish. The contouring palette is lovely, too. I love the texture and both shades are very blendable and long lasting. 

Pro                                                                            Contra
- Texture                                                                   - Only available in 3 shades
- Blendable
- Suitable for oily skin
- Long lasting
- Matte and flawless finish

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4 Comment/s

  1. The foundation looks so natural! I've heard so much about this new range and my eyes are definitely on the contour kit! Looks gorgeous! xx


    1. I love this new line!
      Thanks for reading =D

  2. I am so bad at contouring, I think it doesn't suit me well ._. I like the natural look you got with this product though, looks super pretty! ^^


    1. Thank you <3
      I am sure you can do it as well :)


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