Astor Mattitude 16H Shine Control Foundation in 091 Light Ivory - Review and Swatches

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Astor recently launched a new mattifying foundation with an oil free formular. It claims to last for 16 hours and that it mattifies problematic areas on your face. I would love to have a makeup that could keep up with my oily skin. The shine control foundation should also blur fine lines, pores and smaller imperfections. However this foundation is only available in four shades, but it provides SPF 22. That isn't alot, but good enough for spring.

This product comes in a squeeze tube and the design is very simple, but hygienic at the same time. The tube is tiny, but contains 30ml of product. The texture is quite nice and the product blends nicely without looking streaky nor patchy. The shade isn't light enough for my skin tone and it looks quite orangey. However I like the matte finish and it still looks very natural and not painted on. This foundation isn't oil controlling at all. Astor claims that it will last for around 16 hours, but it won't. I will start looking shiny after 3 hours and at the end of the day there isn't a lot of foundation left on my face. 

The Mattitude foundation isn't for people with oily skin. It won't last a very long time and I will look shiny after a few hours. I also don't like that the shade looks quite orangey. However the coverage is quite nice and it covers up smaller imperfections. 

Pro                                                                         Contra
- Packaging                                                           - Only available in 4 shades
- Natural coverage                                                - Not oil controlling
- SPF 22                                                                 - Won't last for 16 hours


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