Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara - Review and Swatches

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I had the chance to try the 3D Fiber Lash Mascara from Younique. I was very excited because I saw all the amazing pictures from their promoters. The mascara is supposed to give you fuller and longer lashes. However it is more on the pricey side and you can't use mascara for more than 6 month. I mean sure you can, but you shouldn't. 
This product is gluten, fragrance, dye, paraben, latex, sulfate, PABA, BPA and nanoparticle free. It's also ophthalmologically tested and hypoallergenic. I really like that this product should be suitable for anyone. You also don't need your own mascara anymore. In the past you had to use your own mascara first before you apply the transplanting gel, but now you only need the transplanting gel and the fibers. 

The packaging is made out of plastic. It is well made and seems to be pretty sturdy. You can see their emblem on top of the mascara. I have to mention that the fibers come in a smaller packaging than the transplanting gel. They've placed a display window on the front for  you to see how much product is left. 

Younique claims that this mascara should last all day and will be easy to remove at the same time. You can't remove this mascara with just water, but it will remove easily with some makeup remover. The application is quite tricky in the beginning. You have to apply the transplanting gel first and apply the fibers on top. At the end you have to seal the fibers with another coat of the transplanting gel and you are ready to go. 
I've noticed some fallout and some fibers end up on my check bones. I really don't like the look of my lashes with this mascara. My lashes doesn't look separated and they end up looking lumpy. 

I wouldn't recommend this product if you don't like the lumpy mascara look. I know that some people like it. However I will stick to my old mascara. The fibers are all over my face at the end of the day. And yes I've sealed them with the transplanting gel. I've also used this product more than once with the same outcome. 

Pro                                                                        Contra
+ Packaging                                                         - Performance (Fallout during the day)
+ Ingredients                                                       - Looks lumpy and hairy (like big spider legs)

For additional informations you can visit their website [here], or [here] for the english version.

*This product was send to me by Younique for review purposes

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2 Comment/s

  1. I hate when my lashes get clumped up it makes my eyes feel so uncomfortable. I have seen this mascara around and a few reviews but glad yours was different

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  2. I have a Fiber Mascara Duo which is quite similar to this one and i like it even thought the application take a while x_x ~ However since i dont have full or long lashes I'm happy whenever my lashes are visible *lol* So i kinda like the lumpy look. Moreover I noticed when I'm wearing false eye lashes I also prefer the more spikey and lumpy ones over the natural over seperated lashes cause it simply suits me better and makes me look better as well :)


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