TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint [Review]

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring is just around the corner and lip tints are a perfect option if you don't want to wear a lot on your lips, but still want some color. I love that lip tints are smudge proof, usually matte and long lasting. I apply it once and there's no need to worry! The Delight Tony Tint is available in three different colors. It claims to be very pigmented and moisturizing. These lip tints are benzophenone, talk and animal content free.


Not listed


The packaging looks really cute. It's made out of plastic and is very sturdy. The container is quite big compared to other lip tints. I like that there are little hearts printed on it. The applicator feels very soft and it has the right size.

Swatches / Performance

These lip tints are very watery and they can be quite hard to apply because of that. The color payoff is great and all tints are very pigmented. I like that all Delight Tony Tints apply evenly on my lips. Once they are dry it's really hard to remove them and the color is very vivid. These tints stay on my lips for about 6 hours. It depends on how much I eat . All lip tints are very moisturizing and light weight.
The colors of the swatches are from up to down : 03 Orange Cha Cha, 02 Red, 01 Cherry Pink

03 Orange Cha Cha is a very bright orange color
02 Red is a medium red color
01 Cherry Pink is a light pink color


I really like the Delight Tony Tint from TonyMoly because they are very pigmented, long lasting, and moisturizing. If you have problems with dry lips and are looking for a highly pigmented and colorful lip product you should give them a try! I love that lip tints are usually very long lasting and they are always smudge proof!


- Pigmentation
- Vivid color
- Moisturizing
- Smudge proof & long lasting
- Packaging
- Very affordable
- matte
- Benzophenone, talk and animal content free
- Apply evenly


- Very watery

Where to buy

The TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint is available on BeautyNetKorea

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6 Comment/s

  1. Pretty colors n nice review :D

  2. those lip tints look really good :D the only fully liquid liptint i had before was tonymoly's cat chu tint, and that one just stuck to the inner corners of my lips and accentuated all the dry parts, i didn't like it very much, But those sound great :D

    1. I never tried the cat chu tint, but that sounds awful!
      The Delight Tony Tint is great. I am sure that you would like it :)

  3. Somehow you have a bunch of good reviews of products I'm interested in but can find nothing else on. ^^ Thank you for that!!

    I just ordered Red and Orange, and hope I will be happier than with CatChu Cherry Pink *me too*, which I find 100% like water in terms of texture and the (often blotchy) color doesn't suit me. It was just a try, but turned me off of TM quite a bit. But these delight tints are so affordable it seemed reasonable to give their tints another shot, and probably be able to mix the exact warm-ish poppy red shade I'm after.

    1. I am really happy that you like them!
      These lip tints are watery, too. However they won't look patchy!


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